Anonymous asked: What's the song in Savannah's vine when everyone is twerking?

with nic Steven & dan? it’s rvtchet bitch by teddy tuxedo & brillz

Anonymous asked: If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?


Anonymous asked: U look just like neeco

so many people say this idgi y’all are blind.

thank you though I’m actually cheesing at this☺️

Anonymous asked: JAJAJAJA nooo i just find him attractive😂😂

mhmmmm😏😏 girl I got you





Anonymous asked: What's the name of the song that Steve has dancing with Sav in the room? And Neeco who is filming.

I think I know what you’re talking about. it’s called heart eyes but Idek who it’s actually by or if it’s a real song! the original I think is from foreverfreshferlin. just look up on google “heart eyes vine song”

Anonymous asked: has austin been in a relationship with one of the boca girls? with who if you know?

I actually have no idea I don’t pay attention to him much im sorry /: maybe my followers or another boca blog know but I don’t!!

ps: you tryna hit that?? 😏😏 it’s alright I gotchu

Anonymous asked: What video is that gif of Nyla and sav from?

I don’t know. savannahsource posted it

Anonymous asked: What is the eletronic music that the girls have in them vines??? please give me a list.

there’s a lot of vines with music playing so I don’t know which certain one you’re talking about. SO, you can either describe the vine to me and what account it’s on (or give me the link) and I’ll give you the song OR you can check out the guides that I’ve made inspired by the music they listen to here are ALL the music guides I’ve made:

Anonymous asked: what is the name of the song that sav has in her vine where dan, steven and other man were dancing.??

the one with nicole and dan and Steven? it’s rvtchet bitch by brillz and teddy tuxedo

Anonymous asked: Where is your "read please" page? And how do I find the guides???????

read please page is here:

and my guides page is here:

(my most recent ones aren’t on there, sorry so if you want a recent one then ask me which one)

Anonymous asked: Savannah has Epilepsy, right?

um, I don’t know sorry :( I never heard that

Anonymous asked: Hiiii, is that sav and Nyla gifset from a vine?

Nope. don’t think so. savannahsource would know I think it’s a snapchat video though

Anonymous asked: I'm on Sav's twitter and there is no Javannah picture.. #Cunfuzzeled

sorry I read this wrong the first time I answered it but she might’ve deleted it. she didn’t post it though she quoted it! it’s in my archive and I just answered a question about it (: