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Heyy! I’ve been having such horrible bags under my eyes lately and putting on concealer is becoming such a hassle for me because I do not like putting on all that makeup on my face. Although, it does help me a lot! Sooo I was coming to see if any of you lovely followers knew any tips on minimizing bags under my eyes ❤️ Thank you in advance and I probably won’t answer them unless I have questions 😘😊❤️ 1 noteReblog
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Can u post some cute cross bags that are REALLY small that I can just Carry my phone and some gum in around class I don't want a book bag size one just cute little ones

asked by Anonymous

yes!! I know of a lot of cute ones! I’ll do it once I get home :)

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Chris Brown's DC hearing - Updates




  • Handful of reporters and photographers waiting outside DC court for Chris Brown. No sign of any fans.
  • Chris’ entourage just pulled up. Then left after reporters gathered.
  • Photographers now chasing Chris’ Entourage SUVs around…
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Where can I get those pants that are like baggy & they have prints and have pockets?

asked by Anonymous

They are actually shorts! And if you look at the post on it, under the picture there is a link that says “casual school outfits” and if you click it, it brings you to my polyvore- where I made it -and then you can find out where they’re from right there!

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I need some advice, if that's okay. So, I've been dating this guy for about 7 months now and he has days of being depressed a lot and I try to be there for him but he like acts like a dick or I ignore it and now he keeps being that way and I'm so tempted to break up with him but I love him a lot, and I know some people say the truest way to a relationship is dealing with the negatives of each other, but it's just like he makes me feel like a terrible gf. What should I do?

asked by Anonymous

Hey girl. I think that he’s going through something and maybe will get past it soon but he is probably having some personal issues that he does not want to share with you just yet. Comfort him and be there for him but I don’t think that you should pressure the subject because it’s clear he doesn’t want to talk about it. It may be something that he will tell you later on or it may be something that he never wants to discuss. There are things in everyone’s lives that are not ever discussed because they simply can’t handle it or they do not want to talk about it. Don’t assume the worst.

Try telling him that he’s being an asshole and to cut the shit out because he doesn’t need to let his own anger out on you. It’s not your fault that he’s mad or sad. But the only thing that you can really do is be there for him through the tough times. You’re not a terrible girlfriend for caring about him. Maybe he’s just not used to people trying to help and comfort him like you are/were doing.
I know that you say that you do love him, but if he loves you too then he will truly stop being a dick to you.

I hope everything gets better for you two ❤️❤️

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❤ // 😍

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Don’t Be Gone Too Long (2nd Snippet)

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Request & Buy!!!!!!!
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just wanted to warn you that this theme made it harder to read your blog :)

asked by harrydisney

dont worry im changing it :) i am just experimenting with themes

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Who's the girl on your icon? She looks so familiar to ne but I don't know who she is.

asked by Anonymous

Karrueche 😻 she’s my babay ❤️❤️

No shade towards you but I don’t think you know her personally 😶

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Yes! Non dressy stuff. Thank you for doing this! You are amazing

asked by Anonymous

I’m going back home in like 25 minutes & I already finished part of it so it’ll be up soon ❤️❤️ You’re welcome!!

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