Anonymous asked: What guide are you posting next?


Anonymous asked: Where do you work at

publix and carrabba’s

Anonymous asked: Love the outfit for the rave 😍 you have such a great body better than the girls of Boca!

thank you ❤️ and, haha noo way man

Anonymous asked: You look like a mixture of Sam mag and Nicole omg

why do I get this so much omg 🙈 this is such a compliment thank you so much 💕 but I totally disagree with you

sav with buns

Anonymous asked: Sav with buns please

sure :)

Anonymous asked: Your shorts look like those biker shorts 😂

what are biker shorts 😂😂 they’re actually just shorts I got from forever 21

Anonymous asked: why didn't you wear the usually rave outfit like a crop top and highwaisted disco shorts

I wasn’t feelin basic that day & that shirt fit the music better in my opinion if that makes any sense lol but, I wore my bandeau that’s basically a crop top for half tho cause yasmine said to take of your shirts so I did 👽

Anonymous asked: Who do you think the savannah source is? ☺️

th i don’t know🙈🙊 I dunno if you’re talking about the blog owner or her old source 🙊 but the blog owner is actually a really friendly person regardless of what anyone says

Anonymous asked: Post the pic plsss

the collage? just did 🙊

Anonymous asked: Is the collage up yet?

sorry I got side tracked just posted!!

krewella for anon 👾

deleting in the morn

krewella for anon 👾

deleting in the morn

Anonymous asked: what did you wear for Krewella ?

I’ll post a collage of that night for ya but I’m deleting in the morning cuz I was looking disgusting as shit

Anonymous asked: Can you give advice for someone getting ready to start their first job? I'm not exactly confident and I'm not pretty or thin & I'm really nervous 😔

I was the same exact way don’t worry but I eventually warmed up to the fact of having a job. honestly, how I got through it is I just focuses on the one thing that I was there for and it was to work and get money so that’s what I did. I didn’t pay attention to my look because I didn’t care what people thought cause I wasn’t there to look good for them. you’re a boss ass bitch so step up in there and be as confident as you can be and impress your boss or manager or employes and fuck shit up in there. because you’re not there to look good you’re there to work (unless you work at hooters or a bar or club, then that’s different) hope your first day goes amazinggggg ❤️❤️🙆

not in any way related to my blog, but I had to post because I miss krewella 😭😭 I NEED to see them again btw I’m probably going to delete this, I just had to post this sometime